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Needle is inserted in cork


Pumping action introduces air, pushes cork out

Air Pressure Opener

  • Push Cork Out Instead Of Pulling

    You simply insert the needle through the cork, pump a few times and air pressure PUSHES the cork out instead of pulling on it with a normal corkscrew. This is especially important for older wines where the cork may be compromised. No more bits of cork in your wine!

  • Compatible With All Standard Bottles

    Works with all standard wine bottles. However, do not use this opener with plastic corks or sparkling wines.

  • No Cartridges

    Unlike other pressure openers, this one works by pumping air instead of using CO2 cartridges.

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How to use:
1. Take off the cap, insert the needle into the bottle from the center of the cork;
2. Hold the bottleneck with one hand,and push the handle up and down with the other hand to pump the air into the bottle.When you pumped for 7-10 times,the cork will pop out with a popping sound.
3. Remove the cork from the needle with your hands.